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DE FORESTA AVOCATS has a dedicated department housing a team of bilingual legal assistants and lawyers for accompanying companies in their industrial and commercial transactions between France and Poland. 


Its work involves putting in place and optimising legal, tax and corporate frameworks that are specifically adapted to these projects.


In this context, we deal with complex transactions involving France and Poland, such as acquisitions, transfers, joint ventures and generally all forms of partnership, testifying to the richness of exchanges and business opportunities that exist between these two countries. 


Our pragmatic approach to the files we handle together with our solid knowledge and sound understanding of the French and Polish markets allows us to anticipate, understand and deliver upon our clients’ requirements in the most effective way possible. 


We work hard to defend our clients’ interests in commercial and industrial disputes, both in relation to enforcement proceedings and recognition proceedings for the enforceability of judgements falling within European regulations. 


Due to our long-established experience, we have developed a network of contacts in the main Polish cities. When needed, we are able to integrate their skills into our client projects and, working together, have available the specific expertise for operating Franco-Polish partnerships under French, Polish, European or International law. 


Our dual Franco-Polish legal expertise enables us to understand the global nature of our clients’ requirements and avoid any misunderstandings stemming from differences between the two cultures.

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