Social Security Law - Social Protection and Professional Risk


De Foresta Avocats has developed specific expertise in professional risk within the particularly technical and complex area of social security regulation, which is made up of several distinct branches of social protection.


Accidents at work or occupational diseases (AW/OD) can generate significant financial cost for companies because cases can lead to an increase in social security contribution rates and a finding of a “faute inexcusable” (professional negligence).


Our lawyers have developed sophisticated technical and legal expertise to help you manage your professional risk issues and assist you at the specialised courts. We also partner with a network of doctors specialising in the provision of medico-legal expert opinion.


Our lawyers will also act:


  • In the area of prevention: health and safety at work rules, monitoring the work control officer;

  • To analyse your pricing upon notification of your AW/OD contribution rate;

  • As soon as an accident at work occurs or an occupational disease is declared in your company and throughout investigation of the case by the Primary sickness insurance fund (CPAM);

  • In the management of sick leave;

  • In the management of annuities charged to the employer account;

  • In the management of a “faute inexcusable” (professional negligence);

  • For the recovery of contributions unduly paid to the French social security contributions office (URSSAF).


We will represent and assist you at: 


  • The general litigation courts: the appeals board of the French primary sickness insurance fund (CPAM) and the French social security contributions office (URSSAF), the social security tribunal (TASS) and the Court of Appeal;

  • The courts for pricing disputes: the French health and pensions fund (CARSAT) and the French national court for incapacity and the insurance pricing of work accidents (CNITAAT) ;

  • The courts for technical dispute resolution: the French incapacity dispute court (TCI), and the above CNITAAT.